Oldest known map of the canal.

The canal has a long and important history entwined with the development of our local industry. In instigating its construction, George Tennant realised the potential of the canal as a fast route to transport coal from the mines to the dock at Swansea, allowing for efficient access to shipping.

Although George Tennant was key in its development, the history of the canal doesn’t start or end with him.

​If you’d like to know more about its importance as a means of transport from its beginnings in 1780, through to its importance as a natural habitat today, visit our canal history page. 

​As the current condition of the canal testifies, although there are other sources of water, water supplied from the weir is pivotal to the maintenance of sufficient levels. 

However, maintenance of the weir and the channels along which the water travels into the Tennant canal, is essential.

You can find out more by visiting the weir history page. 

Save The Tennant Canal | Made for The Community*

*By local tech Steve Thomas who gave his time and skills for free to help save the canal.