The Tennant Canal Association community interest company (CIC) was formed in 2022 by members of the Save The Tennant Canal Facebook group. We are local residents who are saddened by the decline of the canal and the collapse of its ecosystems.

The ultimate aim is the regeneration of the canal from Swansea to the river Neath at Aberdulais. There’s a lot of work to do.

Video credit Alexander James at SLAM drones

The Issue

Keeping the canal supplied with water. With no water supply from the river Neath the Canal water level drops dramatically in dry periods, exposing the banks, impacting wildlife, and resulting in rapid deterioration of the Canal. From the time the weir was breached until March 2021 the water was maintained by the use of pumps, extracting water from the rivers. The pumping was funded by the sale of water to Calon Energy. Following the closure of the energy plant pumping ceased, and the pumps were removed.

The Canal owners have no commercial business to support further pumping. Failure to resolve the water supply will result in long-term damage if not a total failure of the canal, which is a very significant asset, and one which needs protection. This Canal proves very real benefits to the local people, and the benefits to physical and mental health due to walking, kayaking etc. are well documented.

The canal also includes CADW grade II listed structures, all of which are part of NPT heritage that must not be lost.

The Cause

The Canal was fed with water from the confluence of the Rivers Neath & Dulais, and a purpose-built weir was constructed at the same time as the canal to maintain a head of water and allow it into the Canal at Aberdulais. This functioned without issue until The Environment Agency (Wales) decided to install a Fish Pass alongside the weir for migratory fish. This work may have contributed to the loss of structural integrity (in place since 1751), and in 2015 a section of it was washed away.

Since that time no water has entered the canal by this means.

Save The Tennant Canal | Made for The Community*

*By local tech Steve Thomas who gave his time and skills for free to help save the canal.